Brain Test 3: Tricky Quests MOD APK


Introduction Brain Test 3:

Brain Test 3: Tricky Quests MOD APK Tricky Quests is a brand-new installment in the puzzle series for Android devices. As you play, you’ll get to know the Brain Test franchise’s cast of characters and assist Alina in solving challenging and cunning puzzles as she embarks on a quest to find six Gems of Power to save her dying father. Locate gems that are blue, red, green, yellow, cyan, and purple to unlock limitless power and enter the hall of fame. The purpose of brain and IQ games is to enhance brain function. You can also download Rebel Racing Mod APK .


Join Alyx on her quest to find the six power gems in order to save her dying father. While helping Alyx to overcome tricky and brain teasing puzzles, meet with Brain Test franchise characters along the way.

Do you have the puzzle skills to solve the trickiest riddles ever? Are you capable of finding clues and using your mind for logical puzzles? Only the highly intelligent players can complete Brain Test 3’s difficult story and become a brain teaser master.

A Long Story Filled with Adventure and Puzzles
Brain Test 3 reshapes the successful formula of Brain Test 1: Tricky Puzzles and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories to combine tricky riddles with an exciting and epic story. Join Alyx as she embarks on an adventure filled with dangers and troubles. Find the blue, red, green, yellow, light blue and purple gems to achieve infinite power and write your name into the hall of fame.

Inventory System and Interactive Elements
Brain Test has never been as interactive as it


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