Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK[Mod money] Full Version Free Download 2023

About this game:

Talking Tom Gold Run Full Version Free Download  Funny Rainer with Talking Tom and Talking Angela as the heroes. Unaware Tom once witnessed a car flip over and a pile of gold drop out; after realizing it was a real robber, Tom pursued him. Assist Tom and Angela in catching the thief and recovering the gold. You’ll also find new buddies for Tom and Angela in the game!

Talking Tom Gold Run mod apk 2 can be described as a special mashup of the My Talking Tom virtual pet game series and the well-known non-stop running genre, which is appreciated by many players today and includes games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and Angry Gran Run. Although this is actually a series of games created by the publisher Outfit7, the gameplay, and visuals have been upgraded to prevent players from becoming bored as they did with earlier titles.

Mod Features:

MOD, Unlimited Cash

Description of Talking Tom Gold Run  hack:


With this incredible infinite runner, players may have a ton of fun for nothing! It’s an amazing adventure to track down the thief who took the riches while also discovering new realms! Who is capable of conquering all the worlds and coming out on top? Anyone can become the best runner there is with proper training and competition. Time to go for the gold! Additionally, players can accomplish tasks to get wonderful goodies!


The gold was taken by the cunning raccoon thief! The gold bars can be recovered by players, who can then use them to create and improve magnificent homes for Talking Tom and Friends! When the dwellings are constructed, additional planets become accessible for exploration and racing! Let’s take a pleasant run!


The evil big nasty raccoon boss will do whatever it takes to stop the gamers! They must race, avoid obstacles, and engage in an epic boss battle to destroy the robbers’ truck. Eventually, kicking chili bombs at him will force him to give up.


With the aid of special characters, players can run even faster and perform awesome tricks! To the rescue: Princess Angela, Shark Hank, and Super Tom!

Story of Talking Tom Gold Run game:

In the Talking Tom Gold Run mod app (unlimited money and gems), Tom is playing in the street at the beginning of the game when a shaky automobile drives by and collides with a lamppost. The bank robbery issue soon becomes apparent as the police bell jingles in the distance. Tom’s latest quest entails pursuing raccoon criminals who stole a gold bag from him. His haste causes gold coins to fall in his path. So don’t think twice about following him on this adventure. Gather any golden coins that fall as you pursue the robber. Tom needs to gather the gold while avoiding obstacles to pursue the criminal and bring him to justice. The cuteness of your pet cat makes this game calm and fun. He will also acquire unique skills through finishing tasks.

Talking Tom Gold Run game


The complete list of in-game features is shown below:

Add Talking Tom characters to your favorite game with this perk:

Fans of the show can engage with their favorite characters, like Tom, Angela, Ginger, Hank, Ben, and many more, in the game. By using particular skills and abilities for each character, you can assist your Talking Tom Cat in Talking Tom Cat to help it conquer formidable barriers and never-ending difficulties. Playing the game offers an unending supply of enjoyment.

Perform various tasks to earn rewards in the Talking Tom Gold Run game:

In the game, numerous quests offer rewards. The locals must kill the raccoon thief since he is regularly robbing the village. The game offers a variety of missions to assist them in doing this. You can do each assignment separately to finish it faster. Additionally, each assignment is worthwhile because of the great rewards.

Talking Tom Gold Run game

Choose between weekly themes each time you play:

Talking Tom Gold Run frequently includes new game updates, enabling the application to offer a wide range of themed activities for Android users. Players can explore various chase methods stunningly during these tournaments. The game offers a variety of modes of transportation, such as via Chinatown and on a railroad. Anyone looking for an app will find its gameplay to be both incredibly addictive and diverse.

Free to play:

On Android smartphones, you may download, play, and update the game for free. The game has several incredible features, including an animated universe and cutting-edge graphics. Despite this, players can still access the game without having to spend anything. Just go to Google Play and get the game for free.

Tips to play Talking Tom Gold Run for the unknown:

Stay focused, avoid obstacles:

Your character in My Talking Tom Gold Run will automatically advance, like in most other Endless Runner games. To move back and forth between the three tracks, avoid obstacles, and gather coins and useful items, you must control your character.

The goal of the game is to amass as much gold as you can before being knocked down by obstacles. If you notice a helper coming, move as soon as you can into that lane and make sure to keep up. You will start to reap some benefits from the assistance item you just gathered shortly.

Talking Tom Gold Run

How to Install:

1: Go to the HappyModPro website and download the Talking Tom Gold Run hack Mod (unlimited money) APK file.

2: After downloading it, go to Downloads, press the APK file, and then select Yes when prompted.

3: The Talking Tom Gold Run Mod (unlimited money) APK installation process will start. Simple.


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